Our Story so far....

2012 - Scott & Angus met at AMP Horizons after deciding to embrace financial advice after their accounting & compliance careers.

2013 - Scott started Mobbs Baker Wealth. A joint venture with Mobbs & Company Accountants. Scott had previously been an accountant with Mobbs & Company

and returned to build a business together.

The business thrived, clients were happy, awards were won, the model was proven.

Angus went on to work with two award winning practices. 

2018 - A decision was made to bring a new idea to life. Not just a joint venture, but a single cohesive business.. Bread & Barrels was born. The name is different,

this isn't intended to be like the old world, this is the new world. Just simply, the right accountants & the right advisers working together for our clients. 

2019 - With the idea about to be up and running, we began searching for the right accounting firm to join our team. In January 2019 Hannaford Accountants

 was purchased due to its team and culture of embracing simple and effective technology. 

In June 2019, with the departure of Dallas Hannaford from the business, Scott moved into the head of accounting role and Angus moved into our

head of advice role. 

This is just the start.......

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