Hannaford Accountants & Advisors

Hannaford Accountants was established in 2014 by Dallas Hannaford. Known for championing Xero with its integrated eco-system, Hannaford Accountants quickly built a reputation for pro-active tech-savvy advice. 

A focus on serving the small business community with personalised service meant it wasn’t long before the home office was outgrown. Hannaford Accountants then relocated to The Brightwater Corporate Centre.

The Practice continued to grow into the new location and soon welcomed on board Donna Creevey. With a strong work ethic and passion for helping clients, Dallas and Donna were able to continue delivering exceptional service assisting each client to achieve their individual needs.

At the start of 2019, Hannaford Accountants partnered with Bread & Barrels Advisory with the aim to continue the legacy Hannaford Accountants built and to provide clients with a broader scope of advice whilst continuing to focus on delivering exceptional service to their businesses and SMSF clients.

In June 2019, with a passion for business, Dallas Hannaford went on to pursue a project outside of Hannaford Accountants & the accounting industry.

Scott Baker CPA assumed the role of managing partner for the accounting business.


We know this is something that you "...just need done." 

Our philosophy is that you should get more out of it than that. We review how the year was, what the plan is for next year and what areas need to be focused on.

This should and can be a very valuable experience that gives you the clarity over the business operations.

And beyond TAX, our role in your business operations is not taken lightly, we know we have a very serious obligation to ensure that you not pay a dollar more than necessary. This year or next. 


Like Tax, we know this is most likely an unwanted obligation for most. But we know it can be better. 

During BAS time, we want to be having constructive conversations with you about your business. How are you travelling for the year? What is working well? What could be improved?

Let's be proactive, not reactive.

BAS time can work as a timely check-in throughout the year to ensure your business is performing the way you think it can and should be, being in front of opportunities, and ahead of obligations before they grow to difficult proportions.

Business Advice

We understand how important your business is to you, the late nights you put in, the stress and risk. You invest to pursue and grow your wealth, and hopefully joy. To fulfill a purpose and drive.

We want your business to be a success as much as you do. Whether this involves a regular engagement to provide advice, accountability or assistance, or perhaps a one-off sounding board, We know that having someone objective and expert outside your business that still cares about your business can be invaluable.

We are here to make sure that we know what you want out of your business and ensure that we help get you there.

Tax Planning

Nasty tax surprises are avoidable. So we work with our clients to ensure that you know what is coming up and what you can do to minimise it.

As a Xero firm, we want to make sure that you  are always on the front foot with your numbers and know what to expect. It is easier to be pro-active when you have the information. 

Make sure you ask us about being a pro-active business.

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