Bread & Barrels Advisory

Bread & Barrels is the fruition of a dream for Scott Baker & Angus Cooper, after meeting in 2012, they knew that someday, they would build a firm they "way it is supposed to be". Sounds fluffy right? (maybe it is). Taking the plunge in 2018 after years of planning, Scott & Angus were lucky enough to handpick clients they felt were the perfect fit to kick start the business. Together with Mobbs Baker Wealth & Hannaford Accountants the businesses came together under one brand and roof.


Life is about making the most of opportunities, Choosing the right investment for you matters. It should be more about the options that can open up than whether you're made or broken.

Whether it is the investment of your superannuation or personally held assets, you need the combination of the right investment strategy and product to make the most out of your money whilst ensuring that it doesn't keep you up all night. 

This is a delicate process and one that involves a strong trusting relationship.

With so many options, you need to comfortable and confident that you have found the right balance between risk and return that suits your personality and circumstances. 


To provide great advice you have to know your client. You have to know their values, priorities, their dreams, and their goals. 

This is why, during our process we first get to know these before we can truly be of value.  

We know you will be better off with advice that focuses on how best to achieve your goals, no matter what they are. 

Simply put,  we work with you 

To set your goals 

To clarify your goals

To achieve your goals.  


So many rules, so confusing.

But yet so very important. For most Australians this is going to be one of, if not their largest financial asset at retirement. 

The good news, there are so many options for you to benefit from a carefully and thoroughly thought out superannuation strategy.

We know that these make a HUGE difference to clients' retirement & tax situations. 


Whether it be:

  • Life Insurance

  • Total & Permanent Disability Insurance

  • Trauma Insurance

  • Income Protection Insurance

  • Business Expense Cover

  • Key Person Cover

We have the advice and Insurers to make sure you and your family are covered. Whilst this isn't the most glamorous part of the job, we know that it is crucial to make sure you and your family are covered. Our philosophy is simple, if we have the expertise and overview of your needs and situation, we have the obligation to your loved ones to have the conversation. 

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